Create a Meditation Space in Your Home

create a meditation space at home

It's a new year, and it's time for a new you! Creating a sacred space in your home guarantees you'll always have everything in order for your personal practice. Adding a daily meditation will help you focus on what's important in life and bring awareness to all of those pesky little things that might be holding you back from living the life you've always dreamt of!

Begin by finding an area of your home that has minimal distractions and makes you feel good. Playing relaxing music and enjoying some aromatherapy always helps too! Once this area is located, greet this area of your home, and set an intention for the space. You can set an intention by sitting in easy pose, closing your eyes, listening to your breath and allow the purpose of what you would like this meditation space to provide. Try thinking of a short phrase or one word intention and repeat it several times to yourself silently or aloud. Now it’s time to clear out any clutter and begin to set up your space!

Find something comfortable to sit on. Meditation cushions are great for sitting for extended periods of time. They'll ease most hip and leg discomfort which can make a practice uncomfortable. It’s good to have your hips even with or above your knees as you sit. Once you have something to sit on, you can begin decorating the space!

Make the space YOU! The options are limitless so here are a few ideas, but try to keep it simple! You can add plants, singing bowls, candles, essential oils, sage for clearing the energy, Palo Santo sticks, malas or stones, relaxing music in the background, pictures or statues of spiritual teachers or symbols, and the list goes on! When picking items for this area, consider all of your senses: sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch.

Remember, this is YOUR space and its up to YOU to make it your own! If you're not sure about something, MEDITATE ON IT! Going within will help you chose only those items that spark joy and have a special meaning to you.

As you grow and change, so will your meditation space. I encourage everyone to periodically take everything down, clear the space by deep cleaning, and start all over again. This is a fun process and change is the only constant! So switch it up! Maybe you'll continue to use the same pieces, take something out or add something in, but always rearrange every few months or whenever you're called to do so. You are a different person everyday!

Sat nam and Happy Meditating!

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