Beautiful Booth Experience in the Bazaar

Love Your Yoga went to it's first yoga gathering and we had a fantastic time! What an amazing experience to set up a booth, help people find things to make their experience better, and to be able to make such awesome connections with so many beautiful people.

Our first selling experience was the Kundalini Yoga Summer Solstice Sadhana that takes place in the mountains just northwest of Santa Fe, New Mexico. There about 1700-2000 people gathered to socialize, camp, shop, eat a vegan diet, practice Kundalini yoga and meditation, practice White Tantric Yoga and to transform their lives. So many radiant teachers taught workshops which guided us through practices and taught us methods to use everyday to uplift our bodies, minds and spirits. The energy was through the roof!

Everything was new for me as I set up my first booth in the bazaar. It was exciting and slightly scary and I just wasn't sure what to expect. Would I enjoy selling? How would I feel? With little to no retail experience, I started this business several months ago with the idea that I could create things, collaborate with other creators, and bring beautiful items from my travels to share with my yoga friends here in the United States. So, I did. And it is awesome to be able to offer up a part of myself to people and to meet so many amazing people in the process. I loved it! It was like I got to connect with and help people again and again, earn a living and give back to the community, all while having a blast!

What did I discover about myself in the process? I discovered that Love Your Yoga is an idea that the universe provided me with and is helping to nurture into fruition. My offerings come from the heart, from myself and other people that create and distribute them and it is my pleasure to take part in the process and to help facilitate it. I discovered that I love helping people and meeting new people and that because I love yoga, this is a great way to share it with others. I also discovered that this is an awesome way to recenter myself as I travel around our beautiful country and visit yoga festivals and events.

I am grateful to all of you, everyone who helped me at the festival, my readers, customers and friends and I wanted to share my joy and love of all things yoga with you. I also love feedback, so please feel free to contact me anytime at

The truth and light in me, shines and honors the truth and light in you!

Thank you and Sat Nam! <3 Liz

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