Small Tibetan Prayer Flags

Small Tibetan Prayer Flags

The fluttering prayer flag (Lungta) are colorful cotton cloth squares in white, blue, yellow, green and red colors with images, mantras and prayers on it and are connected along their top edges to a long string.

Lungta (Tibetan: Lung = Wind, ta = Horse) a mythical Tibetan creature from pre Buddhist times combines the speed of the wind and strength of the horse to carry prayers from earth to heavens. Each time a string comes off and blows into the heavens, it is said to carry the a prayer into the wind. The word Lungta for a Tibetan person means fortune or good luck.

Tibetans believe that the prayers and mantras will be blown upward as offering to their deities and will bring fortune, happiness and good health to all who hang them as well as their families, loved ones, neighbors and all the people throughout the world, even enemies.

Lungta represents peace, compassion, strength and wisdom.

Old Lungta usually are replaced with new prayer flags annually on Tibetan New Year.

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    Multi colored: Red, White, Blue, Green and Yellow

    Made in Nepal