"Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our
consciousness, making conscious experience at once the most familiar
and most mysterious aspect of our lives.”

-Max Velmans & Susan Schneider fromThe Blackwell Companion to Consciousness

Sat Nam Love Beings!

Love Your Yoga was a concept born to me after a week of meditation and fellowship in the mountains of New Mexico at Summer Solstice Sadhana:  Kundalini Yoga Festival 2014.  The vibrations were high and I knew after that week, my life would never be the same.  My friend and I decided to go to India together and explore the vast mother land and to bring back yoga products to share with people here in the
states.  And so Love Your Yoga shifted from a website that shared my
local teachings, to a retail company that included three basic concepts:  Consciousness, Creativity, & Community.

Consciousness is a state of awareness; bringing to the forefront of
our minds something concrete or intangible, awareness of objects
outside of ourselves or awareness of something within ourselves.  As
we bring things forward from our subconscious minds to our conscious
minds, darkness opens to light.  Love Your Yoga's aim is to hold the
space of consistent awareness for our higher purpose.  We search for
quality, eco-friendly products that are environmentally sustainable.
We use minimal recycled and recyclable packaging and are always
looking for ways to help the environment more, to help and support the
people who seek to support mother Nature's natural beauty in big ways
and in small!

Love Your Yoga provides high vibrational, yoga-inspired products
created with love.  Our aim is to bring you beautiful, comfortable,
affordable clothing and accessories that inspire your spiritual
lifestyle. We carefully curate our collections from local artists and
worldwide contributors to bring you the products you need for the
lifestyle you choose.

Some of the products are created by yoga teachers and other artists
here in the United States.  Their offerings are grouped in our America
Collection.  Check out our Creativity page to see our contributors and
hear their stories!

Global products are from India, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand and Bali.
These products were found on my journey overseas in the Fall 2014.  I
met with people overseas who had beautiful offerings and whose
bargaining method of business intrigued and beguiled me!  I made
friends and connections and brought back some beautiful things that
inspired me to delve deeper into my own yoga and meditation practice.
I hope they assist and inspire you as well!

As you purchase you are giving back!  10% of all proceeds go to a
local yoga charity to help bring yoga to those in need.  Visit our
Community page to learn more about the yoga charity we are giving back
to in 2015.

Thank you for visiting our website and for letting Love Your Yoga
bring a little Love into your life!


Liz Shakti

owner, creative director