“The most courageous, and pious act of a human is to be with another
human, because we are like stars in the sky, born at one time and
space, to be ourselves. Everybody is our neighbor. All we have to do
is say, ‘I am with you.’ When you start being one with everybody, then
you are actually with God, because if you cannot see God in all, you
cannot see God at all.”

-Yogi Bhajan from the Success and the Spirit

Love Your Yoga’s mission: We are a conscious, creative, community of
yoga instructors who provide quality, eco-conscious, affordable
offerings to serve our practitioners in supporting their yoga practice
and their spiritual lifestyle. We give back 5-10% of all proceeds to the
yoga community through a local non-profit to help bring yoga to
those who have the desire to learn but without the means to obtain a
yogic education.

In 2016 & 2017, Love Your Yoga gave 5-10% of all proceeds to local
non-profit organization Bliss Kid Yoga, which is based in Austin,
Texas.  Their mission statement reads:  
Bliss Kid Yoga is a nonprofit dedicated to providing yoga programs for children, families and educators in order to help nurture physical and emotional health within the community.  By supporting programs like Bliss Kid Yoga you can give children the tools to help set the foundation for a happy and healthy life.


Bliss Kid Yoga focuses on:


  • Breath Awareness Techniques: Increase focus, reduce stress and promote self-regulation.

  • Yoga Poses: Increase strength and flexibility, body awareness and coordination.

  • Cooperative Games: Promote positive social interactions, communication and confidence.

  • Meditation: Enhance concentration, reduce stress and arrive in the present.

  • Mindfulness: Learn healthy habits, self-awareness and non-violence.

  • Relaxation: Cultivate a peaceful sense of being and rejuvenate.


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In 2018 Love Your Yoga is giving to a non-profit organization based out of Los Angeles, California called Y.O.G.A. for Youth. The Y.O.G.A. for Youth mission is to provide urban youth with tools of self discovery that foster hope, discipline and respect for self, others and community. Their curriculum addresses major components associated with diminishing fear, the root cause of anger, and increasing a belief in their own greatness. We are committed to alleviating violence, vandalism, substance abuse, obesity, eating disorders, teen pregnancy, sexual assault, bullying, suicide, poor grades and other self defeating behaviors that are prevalent among today’s youth. To contribute directly to Y.O.G.A. for Youth, visit their website...